Association for International Broadcasting  Professional organization based in London.

Association of Clandestine Radio Enthusiasts  Club devoted to listening to stations that go bump in the night.

Association of North American Radio Clubs  Federation of clubs dedicated to the radio listening hobbies.

BBC World Service  See, in particular, their annual report and press releases.

Broadcasting Board of Governors  Supreme authority of overt non-military U.S. international broadcasting.

Canadian International DX Club  Publishes Messenger monthly.

C. Crane Company  Dealer of shortwave and other radios, accessories, and interesting gadgets.  News and information about stations from secret locations or of undisclosed parentage.

Digital Radio Mondiale  Organization of broadcasters, manufacturers, etc., developing a digital transmission technology for shortwave, medium wave, and longwave. For DRM receiver and software experimentation, visit the DRM software radio site.  Information site for listeners operated by Universal Radio Inc.  Comprehensive information for radio hobbyists, with news of what's still happening on shortwave and medium wave, edited by Mika Mäkeläinen.

EBU International Broadcasting Project Group  Europe's international broadcasters get together here.

etón  Manufacturer of Grundig-branded shortwave radios.

FCC HF Broadcasting  Information about privately owned U.S. shortwave stations.

Grove Enterprises  Dealer of shortwave radios and scanners, accessories, books

Hard-Core-DX  Continuously updated information for DX listeners.

International Broadcasting Bureau  On the organizational chart above VOA and Radio/TV Martí and below the Broadcasting Board of Governors. 

Interval Signals Online  Dave Kernick's excellent audio library of the short tunes shortwave radio stations transmit before their broadcasts.

Media Network  Website successor to the legendary Media Network program on Radio Netherlands; now edited by Andy Sennitt, an excellent source of news about international broadcasting developments.

MediaScan  Media news from George Wood at Radio Sweden.

Monitoring Times  Monthly magazine from Grove Enterprises for shortwave and other radio listening enthusiasts.

National Association of Shortwave Broadcasters  America's non-governmental shortwave broadcasters.

North American Shortwave Association  Oldest, largest, and best club for shortwave broadcast listeners. Publishes NASWA Journal monthly.

Ontario DX Association  Publishes Listening In monthly, and has many members outside of Ontario.

On the Short Waves  Web companion to Jerry Berg's excellent book about shortwave listening in the United States from 1923 to 1945.

Passport to World Band Radio  Major annual reference book for shortwave listeners, particularly noted for its receiver reviews.

Phil Taylor's Web Site  University of Leeds professor has great bibliography of items about IB and PD.

Popular Communications  Monthly magazine for radio listening hobbyists.

Public Diplomacy Institute  For decades, the Washington public diplomacy establishment combined advocacy and journalism. Now they are combining advocacy and scholarship, at
the George Washington University.

Public Diplomacy Web Site  Sponsored by the U.S. Information Agency Alumni Association. See especially its NewsWire.

Radio Canada International  The voice from the north.

Radio Free Asia  RFA does not have an English radio service, but their news about East Asia is available here in English.

Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty  Good source of news and analysis about former Soviet Union, Balkans, Iraq, Iran. Also see RFE/RL's Media Matters.  Good source of world broadcasting and DXing news, edited by Ulis Fleming.

Sangean  Taiwan based manufacturer of shortwave and other radios.

Ten-Tec  U.S.(!) manufacturer of high-end shortwave receivers.

TRS Consultants  Tom Sundstrom's site of information about radio and many other things.

Under Secretary for Public Diplomacy and Public Affairs  Under Secretary of State, includes the Bureau of International Information Programs, successor to the U.S. Information Agency.

Universal Radio Inc.  Dealer of shortwave and amateur radio equipment, antennas, accessories, books.

USC Center on Public Diplomacy  Comprehensive and frequently updated source of news and information about public diplomacy from the University of Southern California.  Curiously underpublicized web outlet of the Bureau of International Information Programs, public diplomacy alter ego to U.S. international broadcasting, with content in seven languages.

Voice of America (  Gateway to VOA news, audio, and language services. See also VOA press releases. And for a different perspective: AFGE 1812, VOA's labor union.

Voice of America: A History  Former VOA deputy director Alan Heil's book describes the swinging of the pendulum between news and advocacy. 

Winter SWL Festival  Join me for the largest annual gathering of shortwave and other radio listening enthusiasts, every March in beautiful Kulpsville PA.

World of Radio  Glenn Hauser's weekly radio program of media news. For an exhaustive and frequently updated chronicle of news about broadcasting, international and otherwise, see his DX Listening Digest.

World Radio Network  Innovators in the relay of international radio programming via satellite, audio stream, and local terrestrial relays.

World Radio TV Handbook  Comprehensive annual reference book about global radio and television. Don't miss the section on international radio in the back of the book.