Another Iranian crackdown on satellite dishes, and this time they might mean it (updated).

Posted: 23 Aug 2006   Print   Send a link
"Police armed with warrants raided rooftops of large apartment blocks and high-rises in the chic northern and western areas of Tehran." AFP, 14 August 2006. "The illegal status of satellite reception has during the recent years been totally ignored in the Iranian capital where most of the almost 12 million residents watch foreign programmes via satellite." Deutsche Presse Agentur, 15 August 2006. Iranians are wondering where they put their shortwave radios. Iran also arresting and censoring bloggers. AP, 15 August 2006. Update: "What difference does it make if we have to take away our dishes from the roofs? Since last year they have been jamming satellite signals so badly that it's almost impossible to watch anything. It was bad during the early days of Iran's nuclear crisis -- almost all channels were affected." Inter Press Service, 21 August 2006.