Report: Zimbabwe's jamming of VOA's "Studio 7" continues and spreads to shortwave (updated).

Posted: 17 Aug 2006   Print   Send a link
"Of the week's Studio 7 Short Wave bulletins that MMPZ tried to monitor, only three (1/8, 2/8 & 4/8) were mostly audible, but even then under constant interference. The other two (31/7 & 3/8) were completely muffled by a continuous grinding sound that specifically coincided with the start and end of the bulletin.", 14 August 2006. Also: listen to this mp3 file of Zimbabwe jamming Studio 7 on 14 August at 1713 UTC on 909 kHz medium wave. The jammer sounds like car horns. Update: "During the last two weeks we have not been able to meaningfully monitor any of (VOA's) news broadcasts." The Zimbabwean, 17 August 2006.