VOA calling Zimbabwe, via Botswana (updated).

Posted: 10 Aug 2006   Print   Send a link
"In Botswana, the Sunday Standard reported that 'in an attempt to offset a diplomatic spurt with Zimbabwe,' (communications minister Pelonomi) Venson and Foreign Affairs minister Mmpati Merafhe 'held a number of meetings with the American ambassador in Gaborone to complain about the anti-Zimbabwe transmission by the Voice of America.'" Zimbabwe Independent, 4 August 2006. VOA has a medium wave and shortwave relay facility in Botswana. Update: Botswana official notes that the United States is "solely responsible for the contents of VOA programmes relayed from" the Botswana relay, and that the terms of the relay agreement are negotiatible before it expires in 2010. Botswana Government Daily News Online, 8 August 2006. See also Botswana Government Daily News Online, 9 August 2006.