Death of a colleague (updated).

Posted: 25 Aug 2006   Print   Send a link
Robert Wone, 32, recently appointed attorney for Radio Free Asia, stabbed in a townhouse near Washington's Dupont Circle. Washington Post, 4 August 2006. The Post story refers to RFA as a "nonprofit group," but does not mention that it is funded by the U.S. government and supervised by the Broadcasting Board of Governors. "The evidence we have found so far would lead us to believe Mr. Wone was not the victim of some happenstance. This attack was specific towards him." Washington Post, 5 August 2006. See also Richmond Times-Dispatch, 5 August 2006. "Five days into this investigation and homicide detectives aren't even sure how many people were in the house when Washington attorney Robert Wone was stabbed to death in a home near DuPont Circle.", 7 August 2006. Search warrant affidavit says the crime scene "had been tampered with before police arrived.", 14 August 2006. "A lot of evidence we should have seen at the house, we didn't see." Washington Post, 16 August 2006. "Multiple sources say, at the very least, the attempted clean-up, if not the act of murder itself, involves more than one person." WUSA, 17 August 2006. Three persons in the house at the time of the murder issue a statement through their lawyer. WRC-TV, 22 August 2006. Obituary. Washington Post, 23 August 2006. Update: Wife testifies before grand jury. Washington Post, 24 August 2006. "Although it is not unusual to seal a search warrant in a homicide case, it suggests that investigators want to shield certain information -- be it the name of a witness, evidence or a theory of a crime -- from the public.", 24 August 2006.