Turkey's TRT and its international and multilingual broadcasting.

Posted: 12 Apr 2010   Print   Send a link
"The state-run Turkish Radio and Television Corporation, or TRT, has expanded its influence to an audience of hundreds of millions across the Middle East, Asia and Europe with its introduction last year of multilingual international stations. Broadcasting in Arabic, English, Persian, Kurdish and various Turkic dialects is part of a new strategy for TRT, which introduced 24-hour Kurdish broadcasts Jan. 1, 2009, on Turkey’s first multilingual network, TRT 6, as part of the government’s democratic initiative. ... The network primarily targets a Kurdish audience within Turkey and in neighboring countries such as Iraq, Syria and Iran. ... A third international network, TRT Turk, has been on the air since May 8, 2009, and broadcasts joint productions with Turkic Republics. ... 'We are planning to start an English-language broadcast news channel after the Arabic one,' the deputy prime minister said. 'When we complete our work, TRT will be one of the biggest media companies in the world. We are working to represent Turkey and our people globally.' The TRT Arabic broadcasting network launched last week, and officials confirmed that preparations for a Persian broadcasting channel were underway. The Web site www.trt-world.com publishes news in 30 languages." Hürriyet Daily News, 9 April 2010. Unmentioned, but also on shortwave. See previous post about the Arabic-language channel TRT al Turkiye.