Al Jazeera DG says AJE is "voice for the voiceless."

Posted: 01 Apr 2010   Print   Send a link
Wadah Khanfar, director general of Al-Jazeera, interviewed on NPR On the Media: "Al-Jazeera English has a philosophy of reporting the voice for the voiceless. Al-Jazeera has the most diverse newsroom in the world; we have 50 nationalities from all backgrounds, religions and races. We are trying to create a great model, whereby the Asians are reporting about Asia, through a broadcasting center in Kuala Lumpur. Europe, we have broadcasting center in London. In Washington, we have a broadcasting center with at least 200 people working in it. So we are a TV station that is truly global, and at the same time trying to enable journalists, regardless of their origin and culture and religion and backgrounds, to practice journalism, based on the principles that the forefathers of this profession created decades ago." Interviewed by Sumner Gladstone, NPR On the Media, 26 March 2010.