DW sees a need for a budget increase from 304m Euro to 325m Euro in 2013, otherwise cuts in the offerings would be unavoidable. They seek much more cooperation with domestic German broadcasters in future.

Target audience are "information seekers", including but not limited to multiplicators.

Germans abroad are no longer targeted, with an exception of providing an information service in areas where the infrastructure to access domestic German media is lacking. Here DW refers to a statement from Hans Bredow institute that explicitly supports the withdrawal from this field.

As is well-known, Arabic has been taken off shortwave in favor of rebroadcasts by RMC Doualiya. Abandoning shortwave is also being planned for the Asian countries in which it is hardly being used anymore. An exception are China and Iran where "only a low use of the radio programs on shortwave can be expected".

DW-TV is now available online in the USA, too. Previously some unspecified contract required DW to block the stream there.

Some statements to a draft copy are quoted, like one from Hamburg university: It is remarkable that DRM is no longer mentioned at all, ignoring what went wrong where it would be convenient to clear the reasons. Radio/online and TV should merge, preferably at Berlin.

The annual budget for program distribution on shortwave and "shortwave-like mediumwave" is 15.1m Euro, in detail 1.0m licence fees for the Sines, Kigali and Trincomalee facilities, 7.1m for the operation of these facilities, 7.0m for leasing airtime on third party facilities.

Other distribution platforms: Satellite 4.9m, FM 0.9m, streaming 0.4m, additional feed circuits 1.0m, other costs 0,7m.

DW radio market shares, referring to listeners per week in percent: Australia 1.9 English and 0.8 German, Canada 1.4 English and 0.7 German, USA 1.1, some cities in Chile up to 3.2 for German, Libanon 0.8, other Arab countries 0.1...0.2, Iran for Persian also 0.1...0.2, Afghanistan 7 (a quarter of this on shortwave), Bulgaria 2.4, Sweden 0.5, UK 0.2, Spain 0.04, Moldova 1.2, Ukraine 0.9, Russia 0.5.

Market shares of international broadcasting competition: Arabic "more" than DW, Iran also more but all below 5 with a considerable decline during the last years. Generally Middle East, Asia and Europe all below 1, Russia 1 at best.

Daily use of shortwave in percent: Arabic world below 2, India 2.3, Pakistan 2.4, Bangladesh 2.5 (noteworthy: FM 3.8, MW 8.8), Afghanistan 14, China 0.5 (generally low radio use of just 10, less than a quarter of all households own a radio at all), Indonesia 0.6, Moldova 3.2, Ukraine 1.8, Russia 1.0.

Daily use of mediumwave in percent: Moldova 5.1, Ukraine 3.1, Russia 1.6.

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