US public television newscast Worldfocus will end; DW Journal steps in.

Posted: 01 Apr 2010   Print   Send a link
"WNET announced this month that Worldfocus will end April 2. 'We were unable to cover the costs,' says Stephen Segaller, the station’s national production chief. 'It launched one week after the collapse of Lehman Brothers into an impossible financial environment.' The station sent the newscast out 17 months ago to do battle with a U.S.-tailored product of the BBC World Service. (Germany’s equivalent of the BBC World Service, Deutsche Welle, will step in April 5 with a competing nightly Journal that also succeeds Worldfocus on the PBS World channel.)" Steve Behrens,, 22 March 2010.
     Re Deutsche Welle Journal: "The half-hour newscast is also available without charge to public TV stations at 4 p.m., live from Berlin, and is carried in about 40 markets, says Greg Fitzgerald, DW programming coordinator for the United States. In some cities, it's carried by the largest pubTV station in the market, such as San Francisco's KQED and Philadephia's WHYY, but in many it's on a less-watched station. The German service, like other overseas broadcasters, was already contributing English-language reports to the financially squeezed Worldfocus, especially in recent months.", 24 March 2010. Thanks to Joe Durso for these news tips.