Ethiopia, already jamming VOA shortwave, may also be blocking VOA's website.

Posted: 30 Mar 2010   Print   Send a link
"U.S. funded-broadcaster Voice of America said on Monday that Ethiopia may have blocked its website in a move which may lead to further U.S. criticism of its closest ally in the Horn of Africa. Ethiopia holds national elections on May 23 and international press freedom advocacy groups say the government is intimidating and harassing journalists ahead of the vote. The government denies that. 'We have received reports that VOA's website is unavailable inside Ethiopia, and we are investigating the causes,' VOA Director Danforth Austin said in a statement. Government spokesmen were not immediately available to comment." Barry Malone, Reuters, 29 March 2010. In addition to jamming VOA Amharic shortwave. VOA has countered this by increasing the number of shortwave frequencies to nine. See previous post about same subject.