VOA editorials in the news. (Or maybe I should rephrase that.)

Posted: 25 Mar 2010   Print   Send a link
"The Voice of America published an editorial on Monday once again singling out Cuba as a violator of human rights. The US government says that since its previous report in 2009, 'the Cuban government has made no has made no effort to expand political freedoms.' ... After a year plus in office, the president’s Cuba policy has thus far turned out to resemble his 10 predecessors in many ways including the maintaining of a half century economic blockade on the island, the biggest obstacle for normalization. Each year the US government judges other nations on their human rights observance. It does not issue a similar report about human rights violations in the United States." Circles Robinson, Havana Times, 23 March 2010. See said editorial.
     "While [Ethiopia's Prime Minister Meles] may disagree with the news that VOA is committed to broadcast, his comparison of it to the hate media that enflamed the ethnic killing in Rwanda in 1994 is outrageous and deflects attention from the core issue of objectivity. VOA's Amharic service has a long and honorable history in the Horn, but only now with an election coming up does the government complain that it broadcasts destabilizing propaganda." Editorial, Voice of America, undated(!) (probably 22 or 23 March 2010).