The 're-established' signal is another Media Broadcast mux, on 10.853 GHz (, which also mentions that the multiplex on 11.604 GHz could indeed not be decoded while an RF level was present on Feb 10 at 2200 UT, thus confirming the apparent jamming. Here it must be mentioned that the jamming is not limited to DW programming in Arabic and Persian, it disrupts the Hotbird distribution of all radio and TV services of DW.

Update later on 12 February:

The whole DW program package, including the RNW feeds, has been
put on another satellite, Astra 1H on 23.5 deg. East, cf. What they use here is a Media Broadcast multiplex that so far saw only minor use for some Spanish TV programming and CT 1 (Czech public television) in HD. Obviously an emergency measure, arranged ad hoc to ensure the signal distribution within Europe. So the situation must indeed be pretty bad.

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The screenshot shows the typical appearance of satellite jamming on a
receiver: Badly reduced signal quality despite a high RF level. Here the
discussion first refers to Erstes Deutsches Fernsehen (aka. "Das Erste"
or simply being referred to as "ARD"), which uses this multiplex, too.
The discussion indicates that the mux was jammed throughout yesterday.
Today it was first in the clear, but by 1430 UT the jamming had

One posting also asks how many multiplexes the Iranians in fact jam at
present. I have not seen a full picture, but considering that they even
go after Deutsche Welle, which in Persian broadcasts just a rather minor
radio service, other signals must "attract" them, too.

Meanwhile I really wonder how long Eutelsat will still accept IRIB as a
customer. Just forget all the sweet statements about media freedom, here
you have the dire reality.

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