Going to China to read the news "as clearly as possible."

Posted: 25 Jan 2010   Print   Send a link
"As China's position in the world economy changes and the rate of opening-up continues to increase, many foreign media professionals are attracted by job opportunities in China's media industry. Edwin Maher, a veteran news anchor and weather presenter with Australia's national broadcaster ABC, was the first foreign news presenter to work for China Central Television International (CCTV9) in 2004. Maher has since been awarded China's National Friendship Award, an honor for foreigners who have made significant contributions to the development of Chinese society. A controversial article by the LA Times in 2007 labeled Maher a 'sellout' and 'government mouthpiece,' to his defence, Maher stated in an interview with CCTV9 at the time that as a news anchor, the bottom line of his job is to read the news reports he is given as clearly as possible and that that applies equally whether he works for ABC in Australia, or CCTV in China." Global Times via People's Daily Online, 20 January 2010.
     "China Radio International (CRI) and Shanto-Mariam Foundation (SMF), Bangladesh launched courses on Chinese and Bangla languages at its Uttara campus in the capital [Dhaka]." The New Nation (Dhaka), 19 January 2010.