Now Worldspace leaves Africa. Shifting to the "disposable income" of Europe?

Posted: 19 Jan 2010   Print   Send a link
"The latest news is that Worldspace's Africa service is going dark. The official announcement was made by Worldspace Satellite Radio (, which has announced that it will be ceasing all of its operations in the country at the end of January 2010. The termination notifications that were sent out by Worldspace Southern Africa to its subscribers, Liberty Media is never mentioned. The letter merely cites that the 'potential buyer of much of Worldspace's global assets has decided not to buy the assets relating to and supporting Worldspace Southern Africa's subscription business in Africa', which will result in the discontinuation of the Worldspace subscriber business on the continent." Chris Forrester, Rapid TV News, 14 January 2010.
     "With the recently announced closure of Worldspace Inc, operations in India and Africa, it is increasingly likely that Liberty’s intent is to go after the European market, a market with much more disposable income than India or Africa currently possesses. ... There have been claims that the deal for Worldspace assets has been finalized by Liberty, but none from US news sources, and to date, no filings from Worldspace or Liberty can be found regarding the alleged finalized transaction." Steve Garcia, King of All Trades, 15 January 2010.
     "Now with the media fight going global, with Ondas Media, and Worldspace Inc., recently being acquired by Liberty Media, racing to provide satellite radio to the European market, and Liberty purchasing foreign cable companies and assets across the globe, the fight to provide the new age with its media is on." Relmor Demitrius, King of All Trades, 15 January 2010.
     "Kolkata-based Bhawna Rohatgi, who also put up a Facebook status the day WorldSpace announced its closure, says: 'I think we took it for granted. I loved the look on my three-year-old daughter’s face as she intently listened to Charlie Rich’s "A Very Special Love Song". Tell me, which FM channel would play this mid-70s country hit?' She adds nostalgically: 'My husband and I would stop arguing simply by tuning in to Maestro (the channel that aired Western classical music). We would discuss Bach instead,' she smiles." Abhilasha Ojha, Business Standard (New Delhi), 17 January 2010. See previous post about same subject.