Decision about BBC on FM in Pakistan moved to "higher level."

Posted: 28 Nov 2009   Print   Send a link
"Rebroadcast of BBC programmes on local FM radio stations was ... submitted to the [Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (Pemra)], which thereof decided that this was an important policy decision. Therefore, the Pemra should seek advice from the federal government at higher level.", 26 November 2009. This would be on a network of private FM stations in Pakistan. VOA Urdu (Radio Aap ki Dunyaa) is already on Pakistan Broadcasting Corporation (PBC) FM stations. The relay of VOA's Pashto-language Deewa Radio via PBC's medium wave transmitter near Peshawar was short-lived, off the air since October, with any resumption yet to be determined.
     "The head of the Taliban in Pakistan's Swat Valley has claimed he has escaped from a dragnet set up by government forces and slipped into Afghanistan. ... 'I have reached Afghanistan safely,' he told BBC Urdu. 'We are soon going to launch fully fledged punitive raids against the army in Swat.' The notorious cleric, known for his fiery exhortations delivered by FM radio, has been on the run since government forces ousted Taliban fighters from the valley, less than 100 miles from Islamabad, earlier this year." Andrew Buncombe, The Independent, 18 November 2009.