Television to Pakistan: is the devil in Dubai's details?

Posted: 19 Nov 2007   Print   Send a link
"Pakistani news channel ARY One World is set to resume broadcasting from Dubai following negotiations with the Pakistani government and Dubai Media City. CEO of ARY, Salman Iqbal, told Gulf News the channel had convinced the government to allow it to operate despite its refusal to sign a media code of conduct imposed earlier this month.", 19 November 2007. Negotiations between the Dubai media authorities and representatives of two Pakistani channels whose news operations have been barred appear to be making some headway. ... Besides, representatives of the channels are seeking a clearer enunciation of the 'ground rules' which they need to follow in their broadcasts, so that they can carry out their operations uninterrupted in the future." The Hindu, 19 November 2007. "The president of Geo TV, Imran Eslam, told Gulf News the channel has been given permission to resume five minutes hourly news broadcasts on its entertainment channels that beam to the Middle East, UK and the United States, 'but not Pakistan'." Gulf News, 18 November 2007. "Pakistan's private television network Geo TV, whose news channel Geo News was taken off air on Friday midnight on orders from the United Arab Emirates (UAE) authorities, might consider moving out of its Dubai office if a resolution to the problem is not reached soon. ... 'We have options within Asia.'" Inter-Asian News service, 18 November 2007. See previous post about same subject.