Ask Kim Jong-il to stop jamming? Fat chance. (updated)

Posted: 05 Nov 2007   Print   Send a link
Japan's "Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications has asked North Korea to stop jamming radio broadcasts run by an organization supporting Japanese nationals abducted by North Korean agents." Mainichi Daily News, 3 November 2007. Update: "Northeast Asian Broadcasting Institute ... showed that almost all radio broadcasts targeting both North Korean listeners (i.e., VOA and RFA) and South Korean listeners (i.e., Central Chosun broadcasting station and Pyongyang Broadcast station) were experiencing radio signal jamming. Global Korean Network of the Korean Broadcasting System (KBS) was the only program broadcasted without interference. It is a radio program aired on media-wave [sic: presumably medium wave], so its frequency remains relatively unsusceptible to jamming. Moreover, recently the program greatly curtailed its contents specifically targeting North Korean people." Daily NK, 5 November 2007. Medium wave is actually more susceptible to jamming than shortwave, so the curtailment of the KBS channel's content about North Korea is the more likely reason. It's interesting that the Institute finds that North Korean transmissions directed to South Korea are still jammed, presumably by South Korea.