Update on the dangerous profession (updated).

Posted: 02 Nov 2007   Print   Send a link
"Kyrgyzstan is investigating a possible Uzbek link in last week's murder of an independent journalist who criticised Uzbek President Islam Karimov in his stories, police said on Tuesday. ... [Alisher] Saipov reported for the U.S.-funded Voice of America and Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty and ran an Uzbek-language newspaper called Siyosat, or Politics." Reuters, 30 October 2007. "The Kyrgyz Interior Ministry alleged Tuesday that an independent journalist killed last week in this turbulent ex-Soviet nation was linked to Islamic militants." AP, 31 October 2007. Saipov's friends dismiss this allegation as smear effort. RFE/RL News, 31 October 2007. "It is imperative that Kyrgyz authorities aggressively pursue an unbiased, professional investigation that embraces the theory that he was executed simply because he was pursuing truth." Committee to Protect Journalists, 1 November 2007. See previous post about Saipov. -- "Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty (RFE/RL) was still waiting for news of its Iraqi correspondent who disappeared in Baghdad on 22 October. The radio’s spokesperson told Reporters Without Borders that their correspondent was believed to have been kidnapped following the murder of his driver, but they had received no further news about this fate." Reporters sans frontières, 30 October 2007. See previous post about same subject.